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Siyou is a writer & director based in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Singapore, she grew up in her mother’s bookstore, developing a love for fiction and storytelling. She is a printmaker and graduate of the Film Studies program at Wesleyan University.

Before settling in LA, she tended bar to travel across Southeast Asia, landing in the Beijing art community, before crossing the Taklamakan desert and documenting the Silk Road as well as her family's search for their ancestral village in Southern China. She is fluent in English, Mandarin and Singlish.

For the past five years, she has been an art director at Wondros, working on international productions and a range of film content including commercials, music videos, documentaries, experimental shorts, branded content, virtual reality pieces and campaigns for cause-based organizations. Her projects have gone on to win several awards, including a Cannes Lion, two AICP awards, a Ciclope Award and the Jury Award at SXSW. Some of her commercial clients include Chanel, Mercedes, Nike, Taschen and Vanity Fair.

Currently, she is finishing up her latest short film, 2200 volts, and developing feature film projects. She has also been selected for the prestigious American Film Institute's Directing Workshop for Women, class of 2019. 

She <3s lithographs and acid baths, film noir, street art, the misunderstood Rafflesia.

Contact her at tansiyou (at) gmail (dot) com

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